Academic Tracks

To graduate, students are required to complete 117 credits, around the same number as most BA programs in the US. Like most BA programs in Israel, however, the program is designed to be completed in three years.

 A full degree is composed of the following:

  1. General Studies module (core curriculum) – A series of introductory courses intended to acquaint students with major academic fields and approaches to knowledge. Taken during the first year, these courses introduce students to academic writing, history, philosophy, the social sciences, literature, and science.
  2. Elective tracks - students choose four out of the following six fields in which to broaden their knowledge
    1. Psychology
    2. Middle Eastern Studies
    3. Modern Jewish and Israel Studies
    4. Digital Culture and Communications
    5. Philosophy
    6. Literature
  3. Major– students choose which field of the four elective tracks they wish to pursue in greater depth, developing further competence in the skills and methodologies related to it. Students will take additional courses in their major and participate in a senior seminar.
  4. Minor– students choose in which of the four elective tracks (other than their major choice) they would like to minor in. In this track they will add an elective course and a senior seminar.
  5. Language skills 
    1. Writing seminar (as part of the General Studies module) –provides students with the skills needed to analyze texts, build logical arguments, and write effectively.
    2. All students are required to reach an exemption level in a foreign language by the time the graduate unless they attended a high school in which the language of instruction wasn’t English for at least two years. Students are encouraged to take advantage of TAU’s Centre for Language Excellence which offers a wide variety of foreign language courses at no extra cost. Students who wish to use Hebrew for their exemption are welcomed to do so, however, courses are not included in the tuition fee and incur an extra cost. 

Students who complete the requirements for graduation will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tel Aviv University's Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities.

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