Syllabi and Course Offerings

  • 2016-17
  • 2015-16
Fall 2016-2017:
Medium and History
Techno-utopia: Introduction to the Social and Cultural History of the Internet
Special Issues in Social Media
Persuasion and Argumentation
Critical Thinking
Modernity and its Discontents 
Israel – Society, History and Politics 
Academic Writing 
Seminar: Philosophies of Judaism
Violence to Identity: an Introduction to Contemporary Israeli Literature
Jewish World in the Modern Era
Coursera: The Holocaust (2 credits)
Tribes and Tribalism in the Modern Middle East
Middle East Networks
The Maghreb: Contemporary History and Politics of North Africa
History of the Middle East in the Modern Period
Psychology as a Science 
Seminar: Psychology and Political Conflict 
Positive Psychology: Findings and Implementations
Issues in Social Psychology 
Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Greek Philosophy
Existential Choices
Philosophy of Aesthetics
Introduction to the Philosophy of Language


Spring 2016-2017:
Digital Aesthetics in Literature
Cybersecurity Law & Policy: Global & Israeli Perspectives
Networks, Crowds and Markets
Digital Discourse
Theories in Communication and Digital Media 
Seminar: Posthumanism: Ethics, Aesthetics, Technology
Consciousness and the Electronic Mind
World Masterpieces of Western Tradition 
Political History of the Economy
Philosophy of Science
Academic Writing 
Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought 
Palestine 1948: Myth, Memory and Historiography
Jewish World in the Modern Era
Coursera: The Holocaust (2 credits)
Coursera: The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem (2 credits)
Seminar: State and "Stateness" in the Modern Middle East
Arab Society in the Mirror of Culture
Social and Cultural History of the Middle East 
Islamic Philosophy and the Modern Era
History of the Middle East in the Modern Period
Coursera: The Emergence of the Modern Middle East (2 credits)
Freud and Beyond: The Evolution of Psychoanalytic Thought 
Early Language & Literacy Development
With Herzl and Freud: ‫Psychoanalysis, Zionism and Modern Hebrew Culture
Seminar: Happiness and Well-Being
Logic of Dreams
Guided Reading in Philosophical Texts 
Central Themes in Medieval Christian Philosophy
Seminar: Expressions of Pain
The Philosophical Roots of Psychoanalysis
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