Dr. Elisheva Machlis

 Dr. Elisheva Machlis

Research: Iraq; Shi'i reformism; modern Shi'i trends; Sunni-Shi'i relations; state and society in Iraq and Iran; new media and social networks in the Middle Ea

Dr. Elisheva Machlis has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and an MA from Tel Aviv University. She holds a two-year post-doctoral fellowship from the Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University and a post-doc fellowship from Truman Center for Peace Studies at Hebrew University.

Course in Liberal Arts: Arab Society in the Mirror or Culture


Dr. Machlis's publications include:

Shi‘i Sectarianism in the Middle East: Modernisation and the Quest for Islamic Universalism,  I.B Tauris, London (2014).

"The Arab State between Sectarianism, Nationalism and Islamism" in Inglorious Revolution (Dayan Center, 2014)

Bustan: Te Middle East Book Review 4 (2013) 17–32 Shi?ism, Culture and Group Membership Amidst Social Change (2013).

?Ali  Shari?ati and the Notion of  tawhid : Re-exploring the Question of God’s Unity, Die Welt Des Islams 54 (2014).

The Cross-Sectarian Call for Islam: A Sample of Shi'a Reformist Thought”, Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies, 2:2 (2009), 195-219.

“A Shi'a Debate on Arabism: The Emergence of a Multiple Communal Membership”, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 40:2 (2013), 95-114. "The Islamic Republic: A Bastion of Stability in the Region?", Middle East Critique 25:4 (2016), "Al-Wefaq and the Feb 14 uprising: Islam, nationalism and democracy: 

the Shi'i-Bahraini Discourse", Middle East Studies 52:6 (2016),978-99.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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