Dr. Rony Berger

‚Äč Dr. Rony Berger

 Dr. Rony Berger is a senior clinical psychologist and a family and child therapist who is an internationally recognized expert in dealing with the psychological preparation for  and aftermath of terrorism and other major disasters.  Dr. Berger is on the faculty of Emergency Medicine at Ben Gurion University, a senior member of the PREPARED  center for emergency response research as well as on the faculty of the Stress, Crisis and Trauma program at Tel Aviv University. He was the Director of Disaster Relief and  Rehabilitation Unit at Brit Olam, an international humanitarian organization aims at alleviating the psychological suffering of traumatized and impoverished communities. He  is one of the founders of Psychology Beyond Borders (PBB), where he serves as a Fellow. Additionally, he is on the on the advisory board of the Center for Compassion and  Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University where he assists in developing manuals to enhance community resiliency. Dr. Berger and Prof. Philip Zimbardo have  been the PI's of a large international study on transformation from extremism into pro-sociality, a study that has been featured in an upcoming movie, the 10% (Michael  Moore, Executive Director). Dr. Berger has developed with the Dali Lama's team at the Mind and Life Institute a new educational program for both teachers and students,  Call To Care, geared to cultivate compassion and pro-social orientation.

From 1999-2010 he was the director of the community services at Natal Trauma Center where he designed community programs to deal with the impact of war and terrorism and trained thousands of professionals in treating trauma survivors. During the period of 1997-2000, Dr. Berger was a Visiting Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at Al Quds University where he taught medical and graduate students and co-founder and director of the Palestinian Center for Traumatic Stress Studies. Additionally, he served as a senior researcher at the Harry Truman Center for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Berger has lectured, consulted and held workshops for a wide range of world organizations including such as FEMA, Red Cross, CDC, DMHAS, WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR and UNOCA and has led  humanitarian delegations in the aftermath of Oklahoma City, 9/11, Katrina; the Tsunami in Asia and the Pacific; the ethnic conflicts & terrorism in Israel, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania and Congo: and in the earthquakes and the typhoon in Turkey, Indonesia, China, Samoa, Haiti, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and Nepal. He has published two books, wrote numerous articles in peer reviewed journals and authored several chapters on dealing with the aftermath of major disasters.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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