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Professor Course Contact
Dr. Noam Yuran Medium and History
Dr. Ofer Nur Techno-utopia: Introduction to the Social and Cultural History of the Internet
Dr. Carmel Vaisman Special Issues in Social Media (FALL) Digital Discourse (SPRING)
Dr. Sharon Avital  Persuasion and Argumentation (FALL) Theories in Communication and Digital Media (SPRING)
Dr. Uri Leibowitz Critical Thinking
Dr. Yoav Fromer  Modernity and its Discontents
Prof. Eyal Naveh  Israel – Society, History and Politics
Dr. Robin Bagon Academic Writing (FALL)  Digital Aesthetics in Literature (SPRING)
Prof. Shulamit Magnus  Seminar: Philosophies of Judaism
Dr. Ron Ben-Tovim  Violence to Identity: an Introduction to Contemporary Israeli Literature
Prof. Bob Rockaway Jewish World in the Modern Era
Dr. Yoav Alon  Tribes and Tribalism in the Modern Middle East
Dr. Harel Horev Middle East Networks
Dr. Daniel Zisenwine The Maghreb: Contemporary History and Politics of North Africa
Dr. Brandon Friedman History of the Middle East in the Modern Period
Dr. Dafna Palti  Psychology as a Science
Dr. Rony Berger  Psychology and Political Conflict (FALL) Issues in Social Psychology (SPRING)
Dr. Moshe Talmon Positive Psychology: Findings and Implementations (FALL) Happiness and Well-Being (SPRING)
Ms. Shaily Vardimon Developmental Psychology
Mr. Yoav Meyrav Introduction to Greek Philosophy
Dr. Tami Yaguri  Existential Choices
Dr. Rona Cohen  Philosophy of Aesthetics
Dr. Naveh Frumer Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
Ms. Deborah Housen-Couriel Cybersecurity Law & Policy: Global & Israeli Perspectives 
Prof. Gal Oestreicher Networks, Crowds and Markets
Prof. Elana Gomel Posthumanism: Ethics, Aesthetics, Technology
Dr. Noa Gedi  Consciousness and the Electronic Mind
Prof. Uri Cohen  World Masterpieces of Western Tradition
Prof. Michael Zakim Political History of the Economy
Dr. Boaz Miller Philosophy of Science
Dr. Sonia Weiner  Academic Writing
Mr Ynon Wygoda  Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought
Dr. Anat Stern Palestine 1948: Myth, Memory and Historiography
Prof. Asher Susser State and "Stateness" in the Modern Middle East
Dr. Elisheva Machlis Arab Society in the Mirror of Culture
Dr. On Barak  Social and Cultural History of the Middle East
Mrs. Rachel Kantz Feder Islamic Philosophy and the Modern Era
Dr. Lisa Law Psychopathology
Dr. Ruth Zeligman  Freud and Beyond: The Evolution of Psychoanalytic Thought
Dr. Deborah Deitcher Early Language & Literacy Development
Dr. Eran Rolnik With Herzl and Freud: ‫Psychoanalysis, Zionism and Modern Hebrew Culture
Dr. Idit Alphandary  Logic of Dreams
Dr. Adrian Sackson  Guided Reading in Philosophical Texts
Dr. Elisabeth Oppenheimer  Central Themes in Medieval Christian Philosophy
Dr. Ilit Ferber Expressions of Pain
Prof. Shai Frogel  The Philosophical Roots of Psychoanalysis
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