Professors Contact List

Professor Course Contact
Dr. Boaz Miller Philosophy of Science  
Prof. Eyal Naveh Israel- Societ, History and Politics  
Prof. Michael Zakim Political History of the Economy
Dr. Sonia Weiner Academic Writing
Mr. Netanel Kupfer Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought  
Dr. Harel Horev The Palestinian Century
Dr. Joel Parker Syria and Lebanon  
Dr. Rachel Kantz-Feder Introduction to Islam
Dr. Elisheva Machlis Globalization, Media and Civil Society  
Dr. Erga Atad Media, Conflicts and Politics
Dr. Shawn Edrei Introduction to Gaming
Dr. Carmel Vaisman Digital Discourse
Dr. Sharon Avital Visual Culture and New Media  
Dr. Yael Netzer Digital Humanities 
Dr. Idit Alphandary The age of Melodrama  
Dr. Deborah Deitcher Personality Theories
Dr. Dafna Palti Psychology as a Science
Dr. Rivka Warshawsky Psychoanalysis and Gender  
Dr. Adrian Sackson Guided Readings in Philosophical Texts 
Dr. Itay Snir Introduction to Modern Philosophy
Dr. Moshe Talmon Advanced Methods in Psychotherapy/ Seminar: Happiness and Wellbeing  
Dr. Anat Stern Seminar: Palestine 1948  
Dr. Asher Susser Seminar: State and Stateness  
Dr. Ofer Nur Seminar: Sharing Economy  
Prof. Shai Frogel Seminar: Kant- Theoretical Knoweldge and Practical Knowledge
Dr. Noa Gedi Consciousness and the Electronic Mind


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