The Multidisciplinary Program in Humanities

About the Multidisciplinary Program in Humanities

Tel Aviv University's Faculty of the Humanities has an enviable reputation as one of the top academic units of its kind in Israel and beyond. In the Fall of 2012, TAU opened its first English-language B.A. degree in the Liberal Arts, the only program of its kind in Israel.

For more than 25 years, Tel Aviv University's Hebrew-language Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities has been one of the university's largest and most successful undergraduate programs. Each year its graduates are accepted into top M.A. and Ph.D. programs around the world; in addition, a growing number of public- and private-sector employers have increasingly begun to recognize the practical advantages of hiring graduates of Liberal Arts programs. We encourage you to explore all that our program has to offer.


This three-year B.A. program provides students with the foundations of a strong Liberal Arts education while empowering them to succeed in an increasingly diverse, complex, and fast-changing world. It is designed to motivate students to explore beyond the confines of single disciplines, by offering a broad selection of courses in various fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences.


At the same time, TAU's Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities ensures focus by allowing concentrated study in our six major fields: Middle Eastern Studies; Philosophy; Literature; Israel and Jewish Studies; Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Culture; and Digital Culture and Communication. Concurrent with their coursework, students deepen their understanding of local and international topics via study trips throughout Israel.


A Liberal Arts education like the one provided at TAU combines exposure to a broad range of disciplines with in-depth study of at least one academic field. By doing so, it aims to provide students with a variety of analytical tools; to develop their intellectual agility, critical-thinking skills, and creative powers; and to equip them with the ethical sensibilities necessary for living in today's complex societies.


Liberal Arts graduates are to be found in a wide variety of occupations. As many employers now recognize, to be successful in today's fast-changing workplace, technical expertise is not enough. Individuals who were trained to think systematically, communicate effectively, and be receptive to new ideas often fare better than those whose education was more narrowly profession-oriented.

Please note that the BA in Liberal Arts is designed to be completed as a full degree program. Students interested in attending Tel Aviv University for a shorter period of time should consult the university's semester or year abroad programs.

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