About Our Program

When a regular degree is not enough

About Our Program

The B.A. in Liberal Arts offers students two paths for gradauation. Students can study at Tel Aviv University for three years, thereby completing the program as outlined on this site. Alternatively, students can spend their first two years at Tel Aviv University before completing the final two years of studies at Columbia University in New York.  Full details on the latter program can be found on this dedicated site. For both options, the B.A. Liberal Arts program provides a broad education in the humanities while allowing students to specialize in their areas of interest.


First year students concentrate on the core curriculum which provides the academic foundation of the program. This includes broad courses in political philosophy, critical theory, Israeli history, the history of ideas, Western literature, modernity and academic writing.


Students focus their studies by choosing from eight academic tracks:


Each track is comprised of a range of diverse courses covering foundational and specialist areas within the discipline. Students select one track as a major, one minor and two further basic tracks.


Third year students complete seminar courses in their major and minor tracks which allow for in-depth exploration of important fields.

More about the academic tracks

Program structure in greater detail


Students from the class of 2019

* Life Sciences and Entrepreneurship and Innovation are available as minor or basic tracks only.

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