Elite Sports Center

In addition to providing facilities for the university's physical education courses, the Elite Sports Center is a key venue for competitive intercollegiate and Israeli league activities in a variety of sports. The sports center is equipped with an Olympic-size swimming pool, floodlit tennis courts, a basketball court, a running track, and a soccer stadium. The Goldreich Multipurpose Sports Building houses fitness and weight rooms, squash courts, and a gymnastics hall. A sports pass entitles you to use all of the sports facilities and activities for a nominal fee.



Sports Teams

The Tel Aviv University athletic department welcomes every athlete and sport lover to its various activities and teams.

We offer high standard facilities, professional staff and a warm sports environment.

Contact Leean Fridman via email for more information:


Here is a list of our professional club teams and the professional students' sports teams with their training schedule. Tryouts will be held for students who wish to join a team.


  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
WOMEN'S FOOTBALL* 7-9pm   7-9pm   7-9pm  
WOMEN'S RUGBY* 7-9pm     7-9pm   12-2pm
MEN'S RUGBY* 7-9pm     7-9pm   12-2pm
MEN'S WATER POLO* 7-9pm 7-9pm 7-9pm 7-9pm 7-9pm  
WOMEN'S WATER POLO 7-9pm 7-9pm 7-9pm 7-9pm 7-9pm  
WOMEN & MEN WEIGHT LIFTING           3-5pm
MEN'S HAND BALL 6-8pm 6-8pm 6-8pm 6-8pm 6-8pm 3-7pm


*WOMEN'S FOOTBALL  (6 years in a row Israel's national champions)

*WOMEN'S RUGBY (4 years Israel's national champions)

*MEN'S RUGBY (3 championships in the past 3 years)

*MEN'S WATER POLO (Israel's national champions twice)



  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
MEN'S BASKETBALL   9pm   9pm      
MEN'S FUTSAL 9:30pm   9pm     9am 5pm
WOMEN & MEN SWIM TEAM     11am   11am    
WOMEN'S BASKETBALL   8:15am          
WOMEN'S VOLLYBALL 8:30am            
TRACK AND FIELD       7pm      
ROWING   7am   7am      

WOMEN'S SOCCER: training time varies

MENS VOLLYBALL: training time varies

JUDO: training towards competition - once a year

KARATE: training towards competition - once a year

WIND SURFING: training towards competition - once a year

TENNIS: training towards competition - once a year

TABLE TENNIS: training towards competition - once a year


The Tel Aviv University's Elite Sports Center is also host to the Tel Aviv Pioneers American Football Team.The Pioneers are one of three founding members of the Israeli Football League (IFL) (Israel's amateur football league with eleven teams all over the country). The Pioneers are the 2008/2009 league champions and perennial championship contenders. If you are interested in joining the team or just interested in coming to support us, contact us via our website or email us.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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