Semester Abroad

Instructions for applicants to TAU's semester abroad/ student exchange program

This document is a gist of the full length Hebrew document specifying all instructions and regulations for TAU's semester abroad/ student exchange programs. In any case of discrepancy between the English and Hebrew versions of this document, the Hebrew version will be the ruling one.
For further information and application to the program, please see the Liberal Arts student affairs coordinator.

TAU has student exchange agreements with varied universities around the world:

The student exchange/ semester abroad program is designed for full-time BA, MA & Doctoral students at TAU, starting with the second semester of their second year and ending with the first semester of their third year.
The agreement allows students to study one semester abroad when the tuition is paid to TAU alone. Any and all additional expenses incurred by the student's extended stay abroad are to be paid by the student alone.
Students who take-part in the program must have valid international medical insurance for the duration of their stay abroad!

Application process:
The students are required to inform the university's Academic Foreign Affairs office of their intent to study a semester abroad and state the university they wish to attend. All universities participating in the program are listed here:
Concurrently, students are required to write a short letter regarding their intent to study abroad and sent it to the Student Exchange office at TAU. If the exchange is approved by the Academic Foreign Affairs office and the hosting university, students must then receive the approval of their home program for a semester abroad and their planned study program for that semester.
When a student leaves for one semester and wishes to remain for an additional one – he/she must seek approval of the home department, Academic Foreign Affairs office AND the hosting university IN ADVANCE!

Prior to application, students must make sure they have read and understood the conditions of the hosting university. Tel Aviv University is not accountable and/or responsible in the materials posted on the hosting university website, in any way.

Once students have fulfilled all requirements of the hosting university, and prepared all the documents required by said university, they must bring the aforementioned documents along with the following documents to the Academic Foreign Affairs office, no later than 30 days prior to the hosting university's application deadline:

  • Student card/ study permit
  • English CV
  • Official Transcript in English – with an overall grade point average of above 80.
  • Reference letter of a faculty member or other member of the program's academic staff.
  • A half-page letter, in English, specifying their motives to study abroad.
  • Hosting-university's application form - filled and signed according to the hosting-university's requirements.
  • Approval of the student's program and/or faculty for the study abroad and chosen courses. The permit shall specify which courses will be accredited by the department/ program as part of the student's degree requirements.

Once the student has provided all of the above mentioned documents and their processing in the Academic Foreign Affairs office will be complete, the student shall be invited to an interview with the office's academic head.
Our contact information is: Senate Building, Room 220; Phone 03-6405119; email:

Upon successful completion of the interview, the student will sign a form stating that if the application shall be accepted, they will register and pay tuition to TAU (they must inform the registrar's office that they are participating in a student exchange/ semester abroad program and not taking a leave of absence from their studies), provide medical insurance certificate for the duration of their time abroad, and fulfill any and all other requirements related to their student exchange travel.

Once a student has completed the application procedure at TAU, the hosting university's decision whether or not to offer admissions to a student, depends solely on considerations of the hosting university. Students, who will not be offered admissions and present the certification of admissions to TAU's Academic Foreign Affairs office prior to their departure, will not be considered exchange/ semester abroad students, and TAU will not be responsible in any way for their studies abroad.

For any queries regarding financial matters/ arrangements please see your program's Student Affairs Coordinator and he/she will discuss it with the university administration and/or the OSP offices.

If the student is offered admissions for the exchange program by the foreign university, and has received the ok from their program at TAU, he/she may travel and their pre-approved studies abroad will be accredited towards their degree at TAU, only after they submit their transcripts for the courses studies during their semester abroad. It should be noted that in many cases, courses offered in foreign universities are not parallel to a full semester at TAU and thus, at times, a delay is created, requiring the student to prolong his/her studies by one (or more) semester(s), in order to fulfill the degree requirements. This extension may incur additional tuition fees and the student must be aware of this option.

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