Modern Jewish and Israel Studies

"Israel is the only place on earth where Jews have the possibility to shape public life according to their own traditional ideas" (Albert Einstein)

Modern Jewish and Israel Studies

What Will I Learn?

Drawing on Tel Aviv University’s world-class expertise, the Jewish and Israel Studies track offers a wide range of courses on developments in Jewish and Israeli history, encompassing religious and secular thought. The track offers a look into modern Israeli culture, society, politics, economy and environment. Complementing this, it is possible to study Arabic or Hebrew with classes for beginners and advanced learners. Sample course offerings include: Reading the Zohar, US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, and A History of Antisemitism.


Is It for Me?

This track is suitable for you, if you are interested in the foundations and evolution of Jewish history, culture, and praxis, how they have influenced, and have been influenced by their surrounding environments, and how the Zionist movement and the State of Israel emerged at a crucial moment in Jewish history as one possible solution to the so-called “Jewish problem.”


What stands out about this track? Discover how the past is prologue, i.e., how present-day realities in Israel in the Jewish world continue to be shaped by deep-rooted Jewish experiences and practices, even as Zionist ideologues advocated a radical break from Jewish tradition.


Skills that you will gain or improve in this track include… the ability to connect the dots, i.e. to recognize the multiple strands of Jewish identity as played out on the pages of history and in present-day, and to recognize the dilemmas and options facing modern-day Jewry and the State of Israel.


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