Student Representatives

I am 22 years old and originally from Belgium. I started the B.A Liberal Arts program right after a preparatory program at Tel Aviv University and strongly believe today that it was one of the most prominent choices of my entire life. I have lived an extraordinary experience over the semesters and met and interacted with high quality and accessible teachers as well as very dynamic students. Tel Aviv is a paradise to study. It is enhancing all your passions and the environment is shaping you for the real life in a very pragmatic manner. I am very proud of having been elected as student representative this year. It allowed me to get closer to my class peers and made me contribute to the success and growing of this wonderful international program in Tel Aviv.

Elliot Achkandazi, 3rd year student representative 



‚Äč My time at TAU can be placed into a feeling of utter contentment.  With any University experience, there will be hard moments and long weeks, but studying here in Tel Aviv is one of  the greatest decisions I have made looking back on life at this point.  I have been blessed to live with two other Chinese students, both of whom have never been to the US, which  gave me an even greater understanding of the world on top of living in a Jewish State and studying Arabic.  Studying at TAU has allowed me the opportunity to make friends from all  over the world, allowing me to travel to places I never would have otherwise gone.  With under 150 students in our program you get the chance to continuously interact and study  together throughout your years in study which I never was able to do with University in the US.  Our University her at TAU doesn’t offer all of the options of electives other schools  might. However, if you are interested in the Middle East and want in in depth experience both academically and culturally, TAU is for you. 

- Daniel Michaelsen, 2nd year student representative 


My first semester at Tel Aviv University was absolutely terrific. Tel Aviv's open-minded and diverse personality make it a unique setting both academically and socially. I have found the advantages of a small liberal arts program within a large research-oriented university to be a major factor for my overall satisfaction thus far. This intimate learning environment offers students the ability to build relationships with renowned faculty members and to befriend students from all over the world. I have found my professors to be very inspiring, approachable and helpful in advising me as I move forward in my studies. The privilege to learn with students from all over the world has enriched my own perspective. After completing a very enjoyable first semester, I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

-Ben Rathauser, 1st year student representative 

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