Do you like to question the questions?


What Will I Learn?

With this track, you will receive a comprehensive education on the fundamentals of Western philosophy, as well as a sense of the extensive range of modern schools and contemporary applications of philosophy. Close reading of philosophical texts is encouraged and you will be explicitly guided through your reading of key texts. You will be offered a diverse range of elective courses, which allow you to explore areas such as truth, ethics, language and love. This track also crosses over with Middle Eastern Studies, in order to enable our students to study Islamic philosophy. Sample course offerings include: Introduction to Moral Philosophy, Contemporary Moral Problems, and Women Philosophers, Suffragettes, Psychologists, and Artists.


Is It for Me?

This track is suitable for you, if you are interested in exploring life’s profound and fundamental questions.


What stands out about this track? Gain a grounding in Greek philosophy while extending your knowledge to contemporary areas such as queer theory. Learn how philosophy relates to everyday experiences.


Skills that you will gain or improve in this track include… accessing and comprehending philosophical texts, forming logical and coherent arguments and evaluating the soundness of philosophical thought.


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