Do you like to question the questions?


What Will I Learn?
In this track, you will receive a broad-ranging education on fundamental concepts, thinkers, and trends that characterize philosophical thinking. You will learn how to think philosophically and “do philosophy”, how to read challenging philosophical texts carefully and closely, and how to engage in rigorous philosophical argumentation and critique. You will also study great works by many philosophers of the past, from the ancient Greeks, through medieval Muslim, Christian, and Jewish philosophers, into the modern age and up to the diverse philosophical developments of the 19th , 20th , and 21st centuries. You will encounter diverse approaches to a variety of fascinating philosophical topics, including the nature of knowledge, consciousness, morality, politics, and more.

Is It for Me?
This track is suitable for you if you are interested in exploring life’s profound and fundamental questions, and the varied ways in which people have grappled with these questions over the ages.
What stands out about this track? 

Gain a grounding in assorted facets of philosophical thinking and writing – from ancient Greek classics to contemporary queer theory. Learn to think philosophically, attempting to answer big questions open-mindedly and systematically. Learn how philosophy relates to life as each of us experiences it.
Skills that you will gain or improve in this track include engaging ideas with an open yet critical mind; forming logical and coherent arguments; evaluating the soundness of philosophical thought; thinking rigorously; becoming comfortable in the world of foundational philosophical texts.


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